Information for Teachers and Parents

The Chemistry Olympiad is well described online. The easiest way to find it is to search for USNCO – the top Google listing is “Chemistry Olympiad Competition for High School Students,” which is the link to the USNCO home page.

The competition consists of a Local Section Exam; in the past the exam had 60 multiple choice questions for which students are allotted 110 minutes. The old exams are on line and recommended for study purposes.  The local exams will be given in Columbia, Florence, and Charleston on March 24.

The top ten students (a maximum of two students per school) will be invited to take the National test, given in Columbia on Friday, April 21, 2017. The National Exam consists of a multiple choice section, a problem-solving section, and a lab practical given over a very full day that includes 5-6 hours of testing.

Teachers may nominate any and all students and the strongest students should be particularly encouraged. The South Carolina Section will offer the Local Section Exam at three locations.


Local Section Exam Locations and Coordinators

All Local Section Qualifying Exams are on March 25, 2017

University of South Carolina – Columbia

Francis Marion University

College of Charleston

Dr. Scott Goode

Dr. Jennifer Kelley

Dr. Amy Rogers

Phone: 803-777-2601

Phone:  843-661-1492

Phone: 843-953-7292

Jones PSC 104

9:00 –11:00 AM

Leatherman Science Facility Room 301

10:00AM - 12:00 Noon

SSMB 127

(202 Calhoun Street)