The South Carolina section is pleased to offer a number of awards.  Please notice the deadline dates which differ by award.  Nominations not selected are are kept in the pool for consideration for three subsequent years.  Updates may be made at any time.

The South Carolina Section offers the following awards

Outstanding South Carolina Chemist

Daniel J. Antion High School Teacher of the Year

E. Ray McAfee Distinguished Service to the Section

Outreach Volunteer of the Year

Industrial Innovation Award

Outstanding Undergraduate Chemistry/Biochemistry Major 



Outstanding South Carolina Chemist

Nomination Deadline: January 31.

The recipient must be a member of the South Carolina Section. 

Send nomination letter and supporting documents to W.H. Breazeale, Jr.  via email or via US Mail to 715 High Battery Circle, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


YEAR           AWARDEE                           AFFILIATION

1965            James E. Copenhaver             Sonoco Products

1966            H. Williard  Davis                    University of South Carolina

1967            Samuel A. Wideman               Industry

1971            Joseph W. Bouknight               University of South Carolina

1973            William M. McCord                  Industry

1979            William R. Cook                      Sonoco Products Company

1980            John Miglarese                        Industry

1981            Elmer L. Amma                       University of South Carolina

1986            Wayne Fish                            Medical University of South Carolina

1988            John Dawson                          University of South Carolina

1989            James E. Hardwicke, Jr.           Hardwicke Chemical Company

2000            Charles Beam                         College of Charleston

2001            Richard Adams                       University of South Carolina

2002            Daniel R. Knapp                      Medical University of South Carolina

2004            Suzanne Thorpe & John Baynes  University of South Carolina

2005            Gamil Guirgis                      Beyer Chemical Corp./USC//College of Charleston

2006            Roy E. Wuthier                        University of South Carolina

2007            Robert & Ruta Bly                 University of South Carolina

2008            Daniel L. Reger                        University of South Carolina

2009            Lukasz Lebioda                       University of South Carolina

2010            Hans Conrad zur-Loye              University of South Carolina

2011            Stephen L. Morgan                   University of South Carolina

2012            S. Michael Angel                     University of South Carolina           

2013            Pamela Riggs-Gelasco            College of Charleston

2014            Mark A. Berg                          University of South Carolina

2015            Ken Shimizu                           University of South Carolina

2016            Qian  Wang                            University of South Carolina

2017            Donna Chen                            University of South Carolina

2018            Michael Myrick                        University of Souh Carolina  

Daniel J. Antion High School Teacher of the Year

Nomination Deadline: January 31

The recipient must teach chemistry in a high school within the geographic boundaries of the South Carolina Section.

The late Dan Antion was a strong advocate of pre-college chemical education in South Carolina.


YEAR                    AWARDEE                                           HIGH SCHOOL

1961                       A. Mason Turner                         Orangeburg-Wilkinson        (Inaugural award)

1962                       Mary Wells Purdy                       Edmunds

1963                       Marvin Humbert O’Neal                Camden

1964                       Charles Calhoun Bolger               Charleston

1965                       Thomas W. Stokes                      A. C. Flora

1966                       Lois McKay Watson                    Latta

1967                       George Warren Chavous              Allendale-Fairfax

1968                       Joel Wyman Frampton                Porter-Gaud

1969                       Edith Barnwell Tobin                   McClenaghan

1970                       James Michael Graves                Burke

1971                       Mary Jane Purvis                        Columbia

1972                       Charles Calhoun Bolger              Charleston

1975                       Mary Elizabeth Bass Crum         Denmark-Olar

1976                       Kathryn J. Farnell                       Spring Valley

1977                       Johanna O. Killoy                       Dreher

1978                       Caroline Helen Bowers                Spring Valley

1981                       Anne E. Neely                           Lamar and Spaulding

1982                       Linda G. Connor                        Brookland-Cayce

1983                       Gregory J. Galenian                   Summerville

1984                       Kay Bass Black                        Richland Northeast

1986                       Robbie A. Tweito                       Irmo

1989                       Martha Fout                              Socastee

1990                       Clarice Wenz                            Goose Creek

1992                       Regis Goode                             Ridge View

1998                       Sondra F. Wieland                     Heathwood Hall Episcopal

2002                       Michael H. McClure                   Richland Northeast

2003                       Lisa Gantt                                 Lexington

2005                       Kay Bass Black                        Spring Valley      ***

2009                       Sarah J. Hudson                       Summerville

2013                       Kathy Dunne                            Hammond

2014                       Elaine Smith                            Marion


Send Nomination Form and supporting documents to Scott Goode via email or US Mail to Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208

E. Ray McAfee Distinguished Service to the Section

Nomination Deadline: January 31


Ray McAfee served as section chair in 2005, 200 7, 2009, and 2011 before his untimely death in 2011.

Send nomination letter and supporting materials to Jack Breazeale  via email .


YEAR                    AWARDEE                                           AFFILIATION

1979                       Daniel J. Antion             University of South Carolina (Inaugural Award)

1981                       Oscar D. Bonner            University of South Carolina

1984                       J. Bayne Doughty          Industry

1989                       Stephen D. Hudson       Charleston Southern University

1992                       William H. Breazeale, Jr.        Francis Marion University

1996                       Sondra F. Wieland         Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

2002                       Daniel J. Antion             Retired, University of South Carolina

2004                       Frederick J. Heldrich, III  College of Charleston

2005                       James P. Deavor            College of Charleston

2008                       Ray McAfee                  Industry

2009                       Scott Goode                 University of South Carolina


In 2011 the award was renamed in memory of E. Ray MacAfee.

2012              Angela Peters                          Claflin Univeristy

2014              Sondra Wieland                       Retired, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School

2017              Jennifer Kelley                         Francis Marion University

2018              Neal Tonks                              College of Charleston

Outreach Volunteer of the Year

Nomination Deadline: November 30


This award is given in conjunction with the ACS national Committee of Community Activities (CCA) which established the Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year recognition program. Each local section has an opportunity to recognize one individual annually for demonstrating extraordinary outreach volunteer service within the section. The recipient must be a member of the South Carolina Section.


2014    Linda Shimizu                University of South Carolina    

2015    Wendy Cory                  College of Charleston

2016    Jennifer Kelley               Francis Marion University 

2017    Pamela Riggs-Gealsco  College of Charleston 

2018    Chuanbing Tang             University of South Carolina


Send nomination letter and any supporting documents to James P. Deavor via email or US Mail to the School of Sciences & Mathematics, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 29424.



Outstanding Undergraduate Chemistry or Biochemistry Major

Nomination Deadline: March 15

Each 4-year college or university within the geographic boundaries of the South Carolina Section is allowed to nominate one  chemistry or biochemistry graduate during the current academic year to be recognized by the section.  Each institution may nominate only one student who has a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA is free to devise their own selection mechanism.  Please send the appropriate nomination form to Brooke van Horn via email or US Mail to School of Sciences & Mathematics, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 29424.


50 and 60 Year Service Awards

The 50 and 60 year service awards are presented by the Section on behalf of the AmericanChemical Society.

Industrial Innovation Award

Nomination Deadline: January 31

This award celebrates successful innovations of industrial chemists and chemical engineers that contribute to the health of their local and regional economy and the corporate leadership for its advancement of a healthy economy. Awards are given to individuals and teams whose creative innovations have contributed to the commercial success of their company and, consequently, to the good of the community and society.

Send nomination letter and supporting documents to James P. Deavor via email or US Mail to the School of Sciences & Mathematics, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 29424.

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