South Carolina Chemist of the Year

YEAR                    AWARDEE                                           AFFILIATION

1965                       James E. Copenhaver                         Sonoco Products Company  (Inaugural award)

1966                       H. Williard  Davis                                University of South Carolina

1967                       Samuel A. Wideman                           Industry

1968-1970            ---                                                            ---

1971                       Joseph W. Bouknight                          University of South Carolina

1972                       ---                                                            ---

1973                       William M. McCord                            Industry

1974-1978            ---                                                            ---

1979                       William R. Cook                                  Sonoco Products Company

1980                       John Miglarese                                     Industry

1981                       Elmer L. Amma                                   University of South Carolina

1982-1985            ---                                                            ---

1986                       Wayne Fish                                           Medical University of South Carolina

1987                       ---                                                            ---

1988                       John Dawson                                        University of South Carolina

1989                       James E. Hardwicke, Jr.                     Hardwicke Chemical Company

1990-1999            ---                                                            ---

2000                       Charles Beam                                      College of Charleston

2001                       Richard Adams                                    University of South Carolina---                                                        ---

2002                       Daniel R. Knapp                                  Medical University of South Carolina

2003                       ---                                                            ---

2004                       Suzanne Thorpe and John Baynes  University of South Carolina

2005                       Gamil Guirgis                                        Beyer Chemical Corp./U. of South Carolina/College of Charleston

2006                       Roy E. Wuthier                                    University of South Carolina

2007                       Robert and Ruta Bly                          University of South Carolina

2008                       Daniel L. Reger                                    University of South Carolina

2009                       Lukasz Lebioda                                   University of South Carolina

2010                       Hans Conrad zur-Loye                      University of South Carolina

2011                       Stephen L. Morgan                             University of South Carolina

2012                       S. Michael Angel                                  University of South Carolina           

2013                       Pamela Riggs-Gelasco                        College of Charleston

2014                       Mark A. Berg                                        University of South Carolina

2015                       Ken Shimizu                                         University of South Carolina

2016                       Qian  Wang                                           University of South Carolina

2017                  Donna Chen                                 University of South Carolina

2018                  Michael Myrick                             University of Souh Carolina     


Please let us know where we can fill in missing awardees.

This award is not presented every year.