Clarice Wenz (1986-87)
Tina Webb (1987-88)
Johanna Killoy (1988-89)
Sondra Weiland (1989-91)
Dianne Earle (1991-92)
Sarah Hudson (1992-93)
Louise Floyd (1993-94)
Ruth Wasserman (1994-95)
Demetria Ehlman (1995-96)
Dianna Stafford (1996-97)
Denie Ravenel (1997-98)
Angie Muse (1998-99)
Gwen Gore (1999-00)
Mike McClure (2000-01)
Lisa Gantt (2001-02)
Glenda Westbury (2002-03)


Chemistry Teacher
of the Year
Physical Science Teacher
of the Year
1992Regis Goode
1993Kay Black
1994Sarah HudsonTerry Cornette
1995Kisler (Ken) MackLouisa Jane Fleming
1996Ruth WassermanLissette Johnson
1997Sondra WeilandLesa Banks
1998Mike McClure 
Michael Varnadore
Ann DeRiggs
1999Linda PoteatPatty Anne Drews
2000Sharon OwensPatti Shetley
2001Demetria Ehlman
2002Demetria Ehlman
2003Dianne Earle
2004Lisa Gantt

South Carolina Association of Chemistry Teachers

Upon its dissolution the South Carolina Association of Chemistry Teachers (SCACT) bequeathed its remaining funds to SC-ACS to underwrite National Chemistry Week Activities.  In recognition of their good work over the years and of its gift, this web page recalls some of the major contributors to that organization.


Distinguished Members: Daniel J. Antion


Honorary members: Sister Mary Virginia Orna

Lee Marek