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Thank you to all our section members who voluntarily contribute $2 dues each year to the section. While our section receives an allotment ($9416) from the national office it does not cover the adminsitration of all of our activities. In fact, we run a deficit budget each year, covering that deficit from income made from hosting previous SERMACS meetings. Your contribution helps us offset the costs of our award programs ($4000), sponsorship of our sec...

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Message from the Chairman to the Members of the South Carolina Section

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In 1914 the American Chemical Society granted a charter to the South Carolina Section that encompassed the entire state of South Carolina. With the advent of World War I (1914 – 1917), the Section became inactive in 1915 and remained so until 1927. Initially, one of the principal missions of the Section was to promote chemical research within the state of South Carolina and to communicate the results of the research. Meetings, at which one or two papers were presented, were held spor...

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